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EBSC Lending has been made aware of scams where unauthorized persons falsely impersonating representatives of EBSC Lending are approaching members of the public via calls, emails or social media channels to market fraudulent loan offers, to obtain personal information, or to provide unauthorized payment confirmation.

EBSC Lending

 If you are ever contacted by a representative of EBSC Lending via email it will always come from an address in the form of “” and "(949) 229 5155" only.  We will not contact you through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or any social media platform. If you are unable to verify such persons’ identities and confirm their connection with EBSC Lending, please do not provide these individuals with your personal/corporate data or respond to any fund transfer request. Please do not open hyperlinks, attachments and QR codes from any unfamiliar sources. Be suspicious of anyone offering you easy money. 

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