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We Pay Referral Fees.
Up to 30% of Our Gross Fees Paid to You!
Refer Us A Loan Today!

Join our broker referral program.

We’re a new and different type of lender. We’re for borrowers who appreciate a different level of service. We would love to work with brokers and promise to protect your commission and client relationship. When you refer borrowers to EBSC, you partner with an experienced asset-based lending company. You also enjoy the financial and relationship benefits that come with our referral program: referral fees, personal and attentive service, direct contact with our founders/owners and more.


Ready to Get Started?

The following items are required in order to complete the broker registration process. We offer a lucrative compensation structure and we fully protect you in the process. EBSC Lending protects registered brokers by disclosing all fees earned on the commitment letter. Fees are paid with a wire sent directly to the broker at closing.

Note: We will complete the approval process once you get your first loan in process with our team.

Have you worked with someone at EBSC lending before?

Lender is in the business of originating, processing, funding, closing, and servicing loans secured by residential real estate. Broker is a mortgage loan broker and desires to submit loans to Lender from time to time for consideration by Lender for funding. Lender and Broker ("Party or Parties") wish to establish a nonexclusive relationship whereby Broker submits loan packages ("Loan" or "Loans") to Lender on behalf of Broker's clients ("Borrower" or "Borrowers") for possible funding. In consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions contained herein and for other good and valuable consideration, the Parties agree as follows:

1.  Loan Submission  and Approval - Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations contained  in this Agreement, Broker agrees to submit, and Lender agrees to review Loans. Broker acknowledges and agrees that the decision to make or not make any Loan is made exclusively by Lender in its sole and absolute discretion. Broker shall not represent that Lender has approved or will approve any Loan until Broker is so informed by Lender in writing. All Loans shall close in Lender's name. Lender is under no obligation to accept any minimum number of percentage of loans, or any loans at all. Lender reserves the right to decline any loan application or credit request that Lender deems, in its sole and absolute discretion, as "predatory" or as not having any reasonable benefit to the Borrower.

2.  Status of Broker - Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as making Broker an agent, employee, representative, joint venture, or partner of Lender. Broker will not hold itself out as such, nor will it use Lender's name in any advertising or solicitation without Lender’s prior written consent. Broker shall be deemed to be acting as an independent contractor, agent, and representative of the loan applicant, and not that of the Lender. Broker will not in any way represent or imply to any Borrower that Broker is in any way affiliated with or connected to Lender, including any representation that Broker’s office is an office or branch of Lender, or that Broker has any power or authority to bind Lender in any manner whatsoever. No statement or representation of Broker shall be published by an authorized employee of Lender.

3.  Compensation to Broker - No fee shall be owed to Broker on any proposed loan that is not funded and closed. Broker waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Lender for professional services rendered by the Broker to the Borrower. Broker agrees that such compensation shall represent the market value for actual, non-duplicative services, including, but not limited to, interviewing and counseling the Borrower, as well as procuring and submitting to Lender the loan application, credit reports, property appraisal, and other information required to close the loan. It is agreed and understood that Lender is relying on the accuracy of the information submitted by Broker and contained in the Loan Estimate. Should Lender determine the information used to populate the Loan Estimate is not correct, or was not submitted in good faith, per RESPA guidelines, Lender reserves the right to not accept any and all files submitted incorrectly or that are otherwise not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Your application has been successfully submitted. Thanks For Joining Our Team -

Thank you in advance for all your referrals.

Let's Roll!





You've worked hard to develop a relationship with your client, and EBSC appreciates that. We protect broker fees in both the loan commitment letter and on the HUD settlement statement at closing.

As a direct lender, we are in total control of our funds and all underwriting is done in house.

Don't waste time waiting around for answers. Receive prequalification and pricing for your clients in just a few minutes. You'll know right away whether or not we can do the deal.

Why would we pay referral fees?

Quite simply we consider it a marketing expense. You can choose to have us pay it directly to you, pass it on to the borrower, or even donate it to charity. Whatever you decide is fine with us because we just consider it a cost of doing business, and it keeps us so busy we hardly ever have to advertise.

Lenders, loan officers, mortgage brokers, realtors, CPA’s, attorneys, and anyone else can take advantage of the program and make a nice income while helping others get financing that might otherwise not be able to. We value our relationships with bank loan officers, realtors, residential mortgage brokers, and all our partners because they refer us the bulk of our business. We consider them our partners and pay 30% of our gross fees as a referral fee on the first three deals referred to us. Once you have referred three loans in a calendar year that result in closings, we begin paying you 25% of our gross fees on the fourth loan and for the remainder of the year.

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