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Mezzanine financing is a flexible form of capital that can help your business or real estate project not only to develop, but also to go through all sorts of transitions. However, it does require hard work to arrange it with typical banks and institutions, but EBSC Lending makes it easy! Borrowers wishing to use leverage beyond the typical guidelines of the conventional banks must seek secondary or mezzanine mortgage financing from private funding sources.

Standard Loan Terms

Use: Purchase, refinance, cash-out, construction, renovation.

Loan Amount:    $10,000,000 - $100,000,000


Max LTV (Loan to Value): 85%

Rate: Starting at 9.39%

Term of loan: 6 - 60 months

Payments: Monthly Interest Payments with Balloon at Maturity

Prepayment penalty: No prepayment penalty.

Standard Closing Costs

Origination Fee: 1-2%

Underwriting Fee: $1,500

Legal: $750 – $1,500

Appraisal Fee: $500-$950

Title Insurance and recording fees: 1%

Standard Closing Time.

10 - 20 days.

EBSC Lending is a direct lender and does not rely on other institutions to close the loans. Once the title work and appraisal are ready, We will be too!


Credit Application
Last 2 bank statements (US bank account)
Copy of ID and Borrowing Entity docs
Purchase Contract (If Purchase)
Project budget/ Scope of work
Approved plans (If applicable)
Track Record Sheet
Contractors information
Property Insurance

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